▓rural demand should

astructure and projects in rel▓ation to rural livelihood.More subsidies should be channe▓led to increase the output of grain, potato, highland barley and peanut, as wel

l as the▓ purchase of agricultural machinery, it said.The government would implement more policies for▓ purchasing and stockpili

be the key measure in boos

ng major agric▓ultural products, including corn, soybean and oilseed▓s, to stabilize prices of major farm produce.More efforts will

tin▓g domes

tic demand, it sai

be made to strengthen financ▓ial services including micro-credit loans and insurance service in rural areas, accordin

d, while developing mo

dern agriculture shoul

g to the document.It promised that basic banking services would be available in all villages an▓d towns in the next

d be considere
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d as a major tas

three years.It calle▓d for more efforts to develop township banks, loa▓n-lending companies, and mutual funds in a bid to

k in transfo

rming China's ec

guide more capital flowing into the rural financial market.The central government al▓so demanded further expansion of rural cons▓umption

onomic growt

h pattern.It cal

market as part of the country's accelerati▓ng measures to boost consumption.The Yarlung Zangpo's dramatic course creates the world's longest and

led for mo

re efforts to ma

deepest canyon in Tibet.I had read a lot about the Yarlung Zangbo Grand

intain grain p

roduction, incre

Canyon in Nyingchi pre▓fecture - regarded as the world's l

ase of farmers

' income and good de

ongest and deepest, stretching 496 km and averagin

velopment mome

ntum in rural area

g more▓ than 5,000 m in depth - and lon



ged for a chance to s▓ee it. I got to fulfill my dream last September,▓ while assigned to work in the Tibet autonomous▓ region's


tourism bureau.The Yarlung Zangbo River runs ▓eastwards along the northern foothills of the Himalayas. The lower



reaches of the river cut through the mountain range before making a sharp U-▓turn around Namjagbarwa Peak in Pai, Namling county, in eastern Tibet - the starting p

cument said

that the central governm

oint of the Grand Canyon.My friends and I head fo▓r Nyingchi, which lies 400 km to the east▓ of Lhasa.

ent would co

ntinue to improve

From there, we climb Mt Serkyimla, at an altit▓ude of 4,702 m and reach the town of Pailong. The Tibetans with a population

▓the policy system to e

mpower and benefit far

of 5,416,021 m▓ostly live in the Tibet Autonomous ▓Region. There are also Tibetan communities in Qi▓nghai, G

mers. The govern
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